When used effectively, direct mail is an integral marketing tactic for connecting with your customers and building brand awareness. For a hard-working communication channel that’s targeted, personal, flexible, measurable, easy to produce and cost-effective, look no further than direct mail.

Direct mail is a powerful way to grow your sales by getting the right message to the right person at the right time. And direct mail has never been more effective.  Plan and manage your direct mail campaigns with ease, using Printing Ideas as your one-stop provider who can handle it all for you. Contact Printing Ideas today to get started.

Our Direct Mail experts help you get more business

  • Speak with us about making a plan — if we learn more about your business and marketing goals, we will match the best-fit products and services
  • Reach the best prospects — our data services and targeted lists help you find and mail to the right audience
  • Engage customers across multiple channels — reach your potential customers through mail, print, signage and social media
  • Design for response — we can review your layout for proper postal regulations or design it for you to take advantage of best practices
  • Save time and money — our mail automation and experience gives you the lowest USPS postage rates available
  • Track your mail and responses — we help you plan a method to track responses, and show you detailed reports of your delivered mailers